Monday, November 8, 2010

Hibernation is Near

OH - GWA - REE (Okwari), means bear in mohawk.

So, for that really good reason, open studio visits are closed from November - March. You can still make appointments to visit on the weekends during hibernation months, it just won't be like the summer time...too cold to have all the displays outside! To make your appointment and view examples and works in progress email : to setup a date and time.

That being said, this is the busiest month as clients gear up for winter, and are thinking of Christmas Gifts. There have been alot of requests for mudroom sets, coatracks and benches, storage benches and most recently candleholders. This coatrack and storage bench (right), were finished in a light Honey Oak flavor, which looks awesome in their morning light.

New, this year - IF you make an order from December 1 - December 15th, 2009, a surprise gift will be sent to a person on your Christmas List. You will not know what the gift is, and the gift will arrive to your chosen person before Christmas, from Rustic Benches and You! So, dream up your next order, and make someone else happy too :-)

Rustic Benches

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