Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fresh Start!

For nearly six straight days I could not eat or drink or read or surf or walk the dog.  This, my friends, amounts to one of the most horrible weeks I've had in quite some time.  This body can run on lack of sleep, tight timelines and whirlwind activities.  BUT, something got ahold of me, and I found it (I'm pretty sure) at a museum.  On Family Day, I took the boy to his favorite museum, completely forgetting that the masses would be doing the same thing.  Along came his girlfriend from down the street, and off we went to the virus infested, but beautiful Museum of Nature.  Dinosaurs (the fave, of course), Insects, Arctic, Earth, and a 3D movie of underwater creatures kept us distracted from what was really going on.  It was a blast for hours and hours...but something was creeping around inside that building, and it found me.  The next day, I felt weird, and to put some context into it, I NEVER get taken down to the point where I can't do the everyday things that make this household and studio run.  By Wednesday, I could barely get out of bed.  I did, but only for short spurts, and for only what was absolutely necessary.  I could not eat, I could not drink, everything was a chore.  This went on for four more days, and it was the most intense body and head ache, coupled with a nagging cough and sniffles.  Once out of the fog, and looking back, I realized how awful it was.  This intruder, apparently, is running rampant this season, and according to my family physician, half the school poplulation has been home with it.  Sadly, I took down my son with me, and he missed some school days .. the two of us, useless blobs in our beds.  The good news is that it's done, the virus part, at least.  There is still some lingering cough and sniffles, but that is easy peezy to deal with, in comparison.  The boy is back at school and the orders (thanks for everyone's patience) are back on schedule.

For the most part, I missed the everyday creativity in the workshop, and I missed being in the kitchen.  Those things inspire me everyday.

So, here's to a fresh start, virus free, yipee!

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