Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Even on Holidays?

What's that smell? Is it baking, freshly ground coffee...perhaps the fresh clippings of garden produce?

Nope, working with wood means always working with wood - even on holidays. Some of the long weekend plans to relax turned into harvesting wood for winter (among other things). That means pulling out the trusty chainsaw, saw horses, and cutting and stacking wood to season. Sonney felt inclined to help, which usually means either suntanning or snoring nearby. On my little patch of land, I have a small stand of elm and white ash, which are decent burning species, and luckily, whenever my neighbors (who don't have wood burning fireplaces) clear their yards, they offer up their wood piles to me. This batch I got from a neighbor who are clearing backyard space for their wandering dog. Now their yard is a large fenced in play area designed to allow freedom without the dog visiting others (let's call it 'looking for trouble') or getting bumped by a wayward tractor. And, another batch I picked up from a town resident who just took down a failing tree, which would have likely taken out their garage if not harvested. I'm now sitting on two cords of wood that would have otherwise met a less useful end.

I'm surrounded by it, in and out of my home, work with it, salvage it, recycle it, reuse it and am never far from it. I adore these useful, magnificent beings mother nature gives us. Trees.

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