Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A morning in the shop...

It began with latte's and ended with burnt, chocolate and caramel. Three raw benches, put together yesterday, were going to get their colors today. We chose 'burnt' for the boxed, westwater style, chocolate was requested for the 3 foot bench, and we tested a new caramel flavor for the 4 foot with shelf. Tomorrow, they'll all be in finishing - a series of varathane and sanding layers, and then finally a paste wax finish. In between the colors, we put together a 3'x5' table top, doweling and gluing, mucho fun selecting which boards had the best rustic look. This client was very clear that they wanted LOTS of KNOTS!. After the morning fun, it was off to the hardware gadget store to look over some latches and pulls for a bathroom cabinet design, and some cast iron hooks for a coatrack. Then it was off to find some kiln dried, rough, knotty pine. We were on a quest to find a couple of good rustic boards for a 40" bench and matching coatrack, commissioned the other day. This pleasantly takes rusticbenches to the highest output since it was officially established in January of 2008!

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