Friday, April 2, 2010

April showers bring.....

Yes, it did rain on the first day of April, so that means flowers are on their way, right? Rustic Benches had a great March, and thanks to all the interest, there have been some new and interesting designs added to our portfolio. We have also become involved in some of the social networks that are 'abuzz' around the internet. We've joined facebook, twitter, this blog and along with our monthly newsletter seem to be reaching a new audience. Each network is incredibly interesting and meeting up with other small businesses trying to be successful in this uneasy economic time, has been an invaluable experience. I find that people are eager to share their success stories and words of wisdom to avoid pitfalls. April looks to be quite busy as well, keeping up with the social networks is one thing, and keeping up in the shop is another. In the queue we have a gathering table with matching bench, a couch console, a bathroom cabinet and another gathering table. In the design room there is a 'butternut' gathering table, a piano bench, a wine bottle storage box, and the ever popular pet feeders are always being re-invented. Check out our website regularily - we've recenlty updated a section on 'caring' for you rustic piece. Valuable tips on keeping your okwari rustic bench (or other :-) in tip top shape! So, onward into April, and bring out the garden benches ... if you don't have one, you know where to get one!

Rustic Benches

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