Monday, February 6, 2012

Soup 'ER Sunday!

Most of the hype in North America yesterday, was either about the NFL or Madonna and the 46th Super Bowl.  Neither of which I saw live.  I did see the highlights of the NY Giants pulling off yet another upset win over the better team (on paper, at least), New England Patriots .. and there weren't any declared 'malfunctions' in Madonna's creative halftime spectacle (as long as you aren't counting MIA's obscene gesture).  So, what was I doing that was soooo important as to miss what 111.3 million people on this planet were tuned in to, you ask?  Well, I was making and doing stuff, of course.!

#6 White
The doing :: driving my son across this great land for his timbits hockey game.  Literally four hours of my day was devoted to packing, driving, dressing, watching, picture taking, undressing, return driving and unpacking the boy and his gear.

A smile and a big win (7-2), sure made it worth it.

 The making :: super sunday sushi snacks! This time I made Avacado, California and Smoked Salmon Dynamite rolls. Again, the big smile was just the perfect reward for the effort.

That was our Super Roll Sunday!

Insight :: the RB studio

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