Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cookies equals Motivation

The holiday season is long gone, winter is here, and the six year old has been on and off sick for two weeks. If it's not a persistent cough it's the stomach flu (and that's a whole other blog about what it's like to have a child spew from the top of a loft bed!). So, even though it's a new year, it's been a bit difficult to kick start the staff into a consistent working rhythm. When I saw them snoozing it up in the sun this morning, I thought about delivering some motivation. Many Ideas came to mind, but in this studio, food is ALWAYS a motivator. It's a dirty trick to pull out the recipe box, but someone's got to get them back on their feet, and I need some help around here, fast, there's just TOO MUCH TO DO.!

I rolled and cut and docked and baked, and every now and then, I glanced over and saw some fluttering eyelids and running feet. It seemed to be working...albeit slowly, but once the waves of cinnamon and apple began working it's way through the studio, interest peaked...

Sonney Boy came over first, nose in the air.

(mmmmm! that smell..)

And, then Black Dawge thought it would be a good idea to look interested ...

"If I give you guys some, will you get back to work?" I asked.

"You can count on US!" they said enthusiastically. I was mildly skeptical, but I decided to trust them ... I mean really, look into their they not look like they're telling the truth??

True to their promises, they got right back to it (does checking their facebook count?). After some lip-smacking goodness, Black Dawge barked orders (as usual, after all, she is the top dog) while Sonney Boy got back into a tap, tap, tap rhythm that was music to my ears.

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