Monday, January 23, 2012

Inside Job!

The new head of Quality Control, Pet Feeder division has settled in quite nicely, and has even been instrumental in some of the new designs for 2012.  Earlier this week I caught him hard a work, thinking and thinking and thinking ...

Since he was putting so much effort into it, I thought, maybe I could put some brain cells toward the effort too.  So, I went into the shop and had a look at some cut-offs of wood and a cute little design started to take shape.  A little hammering, pounding, screwing and glueing, added some color, two shiny new bowls and voila!  I was ready to present my creation to him.  "Hey Sonney, I want to take your picture with the new pet feeder, okay?"  I gave him a few minutes to get his bearings .. and then....begrudgingly he got up for the photo shoot.  And, then right back down again!  It seems that he was so worn out from all his duties that he just.didn'

looks great, can I eat UNDER it?

So, in the end, the new Pet Feeder stands alone.  It was approved by the new head of the department, and, maybe next time he'll have the energy to participate!

8" Pet Feeder in Medium Brown  

See : for awesome examples for your family pet!

:: insight, RB studio

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