Friday, January 27, 2012

Fresh Food!

Working out of your home requires a different kind of organization than the usual commuter.  Having done the 9 to 5 grind for many, many years, it took some time to come up with a formula that would mimick a professional work setting, but, obviously, in a casual environment.   From organizing a schedule that includes a set work day, a few mind mandatory breaks, and ensuring that meals aren't being skipped, BUT then, you're at home, so there is always tackling the : cleaning, the walks with the four-legged creatures, the activities of  the two-legged creatures, the shopping, and bill-paying, and SHOVELing, and, and, and, ALL IN between the real "work".  Well, "efficiency" is my middle name.  Not really, but, let's just pretend it is.  So, when something new adds time to my 24 hour day, I have to speak up.  
snow day, warm fire!

This past Christmas this household received a gift called the "FoodSaver".  Immediately, I took notice.  Two of my favorite things : food and saving!  I had an inkling as to what it was, but I still mildly doubted the pretty box and all the wonderful things this machine claimed to do.  The test would be : how was it in action, in our kitchen, with our food? 
using his Java kitchen bench
So, we took it to task.  Our last grocery run was a bulk run and so I pulled out the machine and enlisted the help of the six year old apprentice.  After a few instructions, and a little extra help - he was merrily sealing and vacuuming every bag I filled.  Now, his little six year old hands did have some difficulty pressing down the lever that closes the unit, but true to his nature, he kept at it until he got it.  And, nailing down the right size bag took some trial and error, but, what a marvelous machine, cut the bags, seal one end, then suck the air out, and seal the other end.  The best part, without all the extra air, it eliminates that dreaded freezer burn.  And, it didn't take us very much time to package all the sausages, chicken thighs and ground beef in one shot. 

So, I can definitely recommend that if you like to freeze items, especially in the winter, like I do, this is the way to go.  Gift or purchased, it is worth the investment : this has proved to be a big time 'saver' around here.

(no promotional consideration was given by Foodsaver to the author for this recommendation.  purely my opinion and experience)

:: insight, RB Studio

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