Saturday, January 21, 2012

If you can't BEAT them, BAKE them!

Everyone I know has plans for a winter getaway, somewhere hot.  Friends are off to Florida, Mexico and Cuba, to name a few.  I dreamed of doing the same, looking up last minute deals, looking up deals for February or March or April .... all with the same sigh at the end of each search.  My thoughts were "it would be nice, but, but, but"  work, the child, the dogs, the work, the child, the dogs, oh yeah, and that little thing called 'extra moola'.  It is fun to dream, though, and to be happy for those going on their trips, because, it will be us again one day .. just not today.  So to beat the vacation blues, I found a recipe that, at least, made me laugh and also felt very comforting.  It made me laugh because I had never heard of it before ... "Cuban Bread" .. and it made me curious, is there bread specifically made in cuba, because, I don't remember it when I went years ago.?  In the end, it was comforting because, when I eventually ate it, I just thought about Cuba and our vacation there, and all the fun in the sun.

I found the recipe here :


Did I alter it,? No.  But, the next time, I will try a few things a little differently to suit my oven's heat.  It was very easy, as the recipe says, and is a great tasting quick bread.  Excellent with soups, which is the main food around this studio.

So, give it a try, and imagine a sunny destination while you're doing it.  It worked for me.

:: insight, the RB studio

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