Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Staff!

It's been very busy around the studio, so it was time to consider a new staff member to round out the team...someone to help with quality control for the very popular "Pet Feeder" pieces. Someone with a good nose for style and a flair for design and functionality. I scoured the newspaper for potential candidates, and came up with three names that seemed to have the experience and background that would fit in with our existing staff. Our close working environment requires maturity, patience, communication and an ability to work on your own, at times. SO, I was pretty sure I had the next Director of Quality Control, Pet Feeder Department, with these potential candidates, it was just a matter of getting through the interviews - I had it all planned out, the prying questions, the math tests, the observation techniques, the whole works! I was ready...

Okay, Let's be honest... He had me at HELLO!

Meet Sonney!

(Rescued from a local Shelter)

I Never Even Looked at Another Candidate!

A mature boy, at 8 years old, he has the most perfect manners, and dazzling eyes (one brown and one blue, oooh, the girls go ga-ga!). He doesn't speak often, but when he does, you know he's put alot of thought into it.

Now at first, while he was settling in, he had a hard time figuring out where his duties lay. Then, as his confidence grew, and he started getting involved in other staff members overseeing the coffee table department. And, the gathering table department, which is Black Dog's area of expertise, under the table, shnoofer that she is.

But, within days, he had it finally figured out!

(and this is my look of approval!)

Now that he's had his first bath (thanks to Doggie Styles), he's taken his show on the road. He visited Paws A Bit Boutique and put his paw of approval on all our existing stock, and even had a chance to sample their baking! mmmmm!

So, please join me in welcoming, Sonney. Rest assured that every one of our pet feeders has been thoroughly inspected by this hard-working, conscientious 'new' staff member, before it is shipped to your family! Enjoy the latest creations at :

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